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Hi, Ii’m Jeff. I’ve been fencing for approximately 30 years. I’ve competed in foil and saber, and studied competition and classical fencing in foil, saber and epee, rapier and dagger, even a bit of fight direction and Japanese sword. It was during the years that I was putting my efforts into the study of rapier that our first product, the Rapier bag was born. I found myself having to cram a 55 inch-long rapier into my 45 inch-long fencing bag, along with way too much equipment, and drag it through the streets and subways of New York, and occasionally through airports, with all the difficulties and discomfort that you’d expect. I didn’t deliberately set out to design a bag, rather, experience just kept presenting to me the things that a good carrying bag should have had.

Finally, I teamed up with an expert sports-bag designer, Pedro Hernandez, and between my rough ideas and experience and his finely-honed knowledge of product design, our bag was born.

Our goals were to produce a durable, reasonably priced, comfortable bag that holds everything and carries it in comfort and  safety.We have been able to meet all those goals and to offer them to the people who need them.

In the few years that the bag has been for sale, customer approval has been amazing! I happily discovered that my experiences and needs in a bag were the same that fencers all over the world had. And even though we aren’t a big company, we have sold these bags to nearly every corner of the world, from the Americas, North and South, Western and Eastern Europe as far away as Russia, and even Australia and New Zealand.
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We look forward to providing you with the best items at the most reasonable prices.

Jeff Sauber