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Please note: We do not recommend carrying more than 30 lbs or so of equipment, or overstuffing the bag. We have made every attempt to design and construct this bag to the needs of serious swordspersons. This bag has proven itself for hundreds of customers to be durable, comfortable and efficient. Swords, quillons, and similar items can take a particular toll on any bag in a way that other kinds of equipment do not. We are happy to accept returns of unused bags for any reason, but we cannot accept returns of used bags.
Length Adjustment System
Specifications: Total length:	5 feet (1.52 meters)
Velcro Opening Flap for Longer Objects
Removable Holdfast Strap (Not Shown)
Adjustable Shoulder Strap
Padded Back (Not Shown)
Carrying Handle
Tool Pocket and Top Pocket
Huge  Exterior Pocket
Reinforced Vinyl Bottom
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