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I got the bag..this is gorgeous! I love the ring system for making it larger and smaller, the leather bottom for strength, the HUGE pockets for knives, towels, food, whatever. The material is clearly superior, the stitching excellent. This is one terrific piece of design! I am impressed. Your site DOES NOT DO THIS BAG JUSTICE!!
...the "Uber Fight Director's Bag."...when I head out to rehearse with 10 blades, this baby is perfect! — I think you've got a great product here!
Cathy Brookshire
Society of American Fight Directors
Cool!…There are a bunch of us around the world that study Highland Broadsword and this is exactly what we need. I've been doing Scottish reenacting for the past 8+ years now and have always had an issue taking my gear to and from sword practice. I frequently take my motorcycle to where we work out and for quite some time I've had to wrap my blades up in blankets and then bungee cord them on the bike. It looks like this is perfect!
I stand, with a cavalier attitude, within a ring of fellow renaissance fencers.
Slung across my shoulder, leaving me completely hands-free, my bag carries my rapier, my sword, my two-hander, my dagger, and my buckler.
They drag bags that are too big, cradle bags that are too small, juggle individually bagged swords.
“Is it a snowboarding bag? A golf bag?  A rifle bag?” they ask in confusion, knowing all too personally the faults of these bags they list.
“No,” I answer them.  “You’ll never guess.”
“Is it for a musical instrument?  A travelling salesman?” they offer wildly.
“No, it is for…. rapiers!”
Collectively they sigh in rapture and disbelief.
“There is no such thing!” ventures a brave soul. (Doubt my word?  With my rapier just a zip away, and his tangled like a Gordian knot in his silly eastern sword bag that doesn’t believe in quillons?)
“It’s new, it’s from America ,” I tell them.
“Ahhh,” they sigh, “Too expensive then.”
I tell them the price.
I tell them the website.
They are lost for words.
Thank you,
Kate Hickey
Hi Jeff
The bag has arrived and looks great – what a wonderful and useful product – thank you. I
actually found you through Google but as your product is unique I am not surprised that word
has gotten around….
Thanks again,
Suzi Armstrong, U.K.
We actually got our bags in and I wanted to pass out kudos on the bag. It is excellent! Plenty of room, great pockets, closures, good size, etc. All in all very usable and rugged. In fact it is so good, I would like to get another. Do you think I could slip in another order at the same price as the others? Let me know, it would be nice to have a bag for the extra stuff I have at home. (The props come regardless of the answer, I am happy with the bag, money well spent).
Greg Ames