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It’s SO Big!
The Rapier bag from Cavalier Attitude is a unique product – a durable,   comfortable shoulder bag that’s big enough for ALL of your gear – no matter how big.
The design is the result of a swordsman teaming up with an expert sports-bag designer, to create a bag that carries the equipment that no other bag
can handle. Adjustable up to five feet long (and the top can be opened to
accommodate even longer items), plus enough room for all the additional
gear you need. Big exterior pockets hold everything else, like wet uniforms,
tools and more. It’s made of solid, water-resistant polyester with a vinyl-
reinforced bottom. You can be sure it’s durable.

What can you put in it?
There are so many uses for this bag! At a roomy Five feet in length,
you’ll find uses for it even if you’ve never touched a rapier. Some of the
uses for this bag include: photo and lighting equipment, fishing gear,
corporate presentation materials, painting easels, archery, hockey, or
lacrosse equipment, martial arts weaponry, and even some
construction gear.

The Rapier Bag comes in three color combinations,
red and black, blue and black, and all black.

Price per bag: $75 (US$)
Three bags: $180
Six bags: $350
Twelve bags:  $660
(If you order several bags, and you would like different colors,
just let us know when you order, or with a separate email)
Chose your color

Larger quantities (up to several hundred pieces) are available,
and we ship worldwide— email us!

Blue and Black
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Solid Black
Red and Black
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